Summer Residency: Alumni Studio Access Award at the Center for Book, Paper and Print

I've just received exciting news from the Center for Book Paper & Print. My proposal for an alumni residency was approved, and I will be spending time in May and June offset printing my collaborative book Pyrolysis. I am excited to be back in the press room after a few years since my print production fellowship, and so grateful for the opportunity to print on the Heidelberg GTO.

Beyond the press's image quality and the pre-press darkroom manipulations I have planned, I am excited to make another offset-printed book because I can produce so many copies and distribute them cheaply. The democratic multiple isn't just an idealistic relic of the 1960s, and I find the sight of my press sheets spewing out of the GTO at 5,000 impressions per hour to be reassuring when I have my doubts about the art market. 

The book itself came about from my trip to Colombia, where I researched coffee production and the ongoing unrest surrounding it. The book pairs a poetic text with news imagery of the labor protests, and follows the coffee-roasting process as a metaphor for the transformations sought by the protestors. Carley Gomez, who travelled with me, contributed the book's text.

Once I'm at the Center working, I'll do my best to document the process and post about it here on this blog.