Upcoming Exhibition: WordsMatter

I am pleased to say that a couple of my artists' books will be in the WordsMatter exhibition at Arts on Elston.

The show, part of Chicago Artists Month, is a "book arts library in Chicago open October 3 - 29."

Viewers are encouraged to handle and read the books, and I am very happy to have my books activated as they were intended. Part of why I enjoy working in multiples is that each exhibition or collection creates a different experience and context for the work, and allows me to see the work through new eyes. Pieces that have previously been displayed behind glass, sent through the mail, and presented at conferences and critiques will get yet another incarnation during this monthlong event.

WordsMatter has also coordinated a number of supporting events with the show:

"We have arranged for four speakers to share their work in the book arts. Melissa Jay Craig, Jen Farrell, Marnie Galloway, and Shawn Sheehy will speak on Wednesday evenings in October. These artists all pursue the book and paper arts in very different ways. Other events and speakers are in the works."

The works I will be contributing to the show are 1668 and Various Effects of Coffee on the Body. Thanks to Carley Gomez, our collaborative book, Playing House, will also be in the show! 

The Book Arts Library runs from October 3rd to the 29th. More information can be found at the WordsMatter website and on Facebook.