More Studio Equipment


For better or worse, I've been on a hot streak of equipment acquisitions lately. No doubt, I'm preparing to fill a Center for Book and Paper Arts shaped hole in my heart, which is due to appear upon my graduation in May. So, I was naturally both excited and relieved to find this copy press at a little antique store 3 blocks from my apartment.

The cast iron press is 10.5 x 16 in. with 3 inches of daylight. There is no visible mark to indicate the manufacturer, so if anyone has any information on that, I'd be interested. In the meantime, I'll keep researching.

I began my education earlier with a few articles about the difference between copy presses (like mine) and book presses. Here's a good start, if you're interested.

I'm hoping to try some relief printing as well as use the press for binding, so I'll post any future progress in that direction on this blog.