Exhibition: Food, Glorious Food

When it rains it pours (especially when you update your blog all at once) - I am also showing work in the upcoming exhibition, Food, Glorious Food, at Studio 659.

I will be exhibiting my piece, Disposable. I am really excited to have found a venue that is willing to display my critical work in a group show that spans the good and bad ways in which we relate to food.

The exhibition was open to:

"artwork submissions and project proposals that in some way address food and/or eating. We eat for a variety of reasons: pleasure, hunger, comfort, social ritual. A photograph of a baby eating a lemon, a painting of a family enjoying a feast, a sculpture of a fruit bowl…artists are encouraged to creatively interpret the theme and submit for consideration any work they think might be of interest."

The show will be up from April 3rd to April 26th, with a reception on Friday, April 10th. Studio 659 is in Whiting, IN, just South of Chicago, so check out the show if you're in the area.

I hope whoever buys the napkins will shop-drop them or distribute them somehow to raise awareness, but regardless, I am thrilled just to show the work in another venue.