Poster for AIGA Get Out the Vote

I try to keep my politics off of social media, but anyone who knows me knows I'm a political junkie. I try to take the high road and encourage voter turnout regardless of the party, especially when I talk to my students about the importance of participating. For that reason, I really appreciate AIGA's Get Out the Vote poster project, and I decided to submit one this year.

An idea popped into my head last night after voting, and I executed it today, fueled by some feelings about the results.

Summer Residency: Alumni Studio Access Award at the Center for Book, Paper and Print

I've just received exciting news from the Center for Book Paper & Print. My proposal for an alumni residency was approved, and I will be spending time in May and June offset printing my collaborative book Pyrolysis. I am excited to be back in the press room after a few years since my print production fellowship, and so grateful for the opportunity to print on the Heidelberg GTO.

Beyond the press's image quality and the pre-press darkroom manipulations I have planned, I am excited to make another offset-printed book because I can produce so many copies and distribute them cheaply. The democratic multiple isn't just an idealistic relic of the 1960s, and I find the sight of my press sheets spewing out of the GTO at 5,000 impressions per hour to be reassuring when I have my doubts about the art market. 

The book itself came about from my trip to Colombia, where I researched coffee production and the ongoing unrest surrounding it. The book pairs a poetic text with news imagery of the labor protests, and follows the coffee-roasting process as a metaphor for the transformations sought by the protestors. Carley Gomez, who travelled with me, contributed the book's text.

Once I'm at the Center working, I'll do my best to document the process and post about it here on this blog.

CBAA Book Art Theory Blog: Fixed Book Prices

I've shared below a link to my second blog post for the Book Art Theory Blog that was recently launched by the College Book Art Association.

I am also excited to be more involved with the blog now as a member of the CBAA sub-committee responsible for it, after a very invigorating time at the recent CBAA conference in Nashville. Getting to discuss my first post with a number of artists who I greatly admire at the conference showed how effective this resource can be for instigating rigorous conversation about the discipline, and sharing ideas with those we see in person only occasionally. 

Preserving English Acquired by the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

I am so grateful to live in Chicago and work just a short walk from the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, where I can pop in and share my new work with the librarians.

Most recently, they were kind enough to acquire my newest book, Preserving English: Proposals for Reversing Connotative Concretization. I am always deeply honored and humbled to have my work included among so many important artists' books.

Upcoming Exhibition: WordsMatter

I am pleased to say that a couple of my artists' books will be in the WordsMatter exhibition at Arts on Elston.

The show, part of Chicago Artists Month, is a "book arts library in Chicago open October 3 - 29."

Viewers are encouraged to handle and read the books, and I am very happy to have my books activated as they were intended. Part of why I enjoy working in multiples is that each exhibition or collection creates a different experience and context for the work, and allows me to see the work through new eyes. Pieces that have previously been displayed behind glass, sent through the mail, and presented at conferences and critiques will get yet another incarnation during this monthlong event.

WordsMatter has also coordinated a number of supporting events with the show:

"We have arranged for four speakers to share their work in the book arts. Melissa Jay Craig, Jen Farrell, Marnie Galloway, and Shawn Sheehy will speak on Wednesday evenings in October. These artists all pursue the book and paper arts in very different ways. Other events and speakers are in the works."

The works I will be contributing to the show are 1668 and Various Effects of Coffee on the Body. Thanks to Carley Gomez, our collaborative book, Playing House, will also be in the show! 

The Book Arts Library runs from October 3rd to the 29th. More information can be found at the WordsMatter website and on Facebook.

Faculty Exhibition at The American Academy of Art

Today was the opening of the 2015 Faculty Exhibition at The American Academy of Art. The exhibition is in the Bill L. Parks Gallery, overlooking Millenium Park. The opening was intimate and reflected the tight-knit community of the AAA.

I've been proud to be juried into competitive exhibitions, or excited when shows print catalogues or receive good press, but this is special for an entirely different reason. Just as my MFA Exhibition signaled an accomplishment beyond the work I showed, I am excited about my first faculty exhibition because it means another new step with new challenges and rewards. I am so thankful to be teaching design, and seeing my work up among so many talented artists and dedicated educators was very inspiring. The bar is high and I am grateful for the support and motivation of my colleagues and peers.

Enough sentimental musing - I'll be documenting the work for this website as soon as the show is taken down. It is part of a new body of work that I am very excited about, and marks the first robust line of inquiry I have pursued since graduating in May. 


Second Printing of Playing House

Carley and I are producing a second printing of our project, Playing House. They will be available in about 2 weeks, and this time they include a sweet table of contents so you can shuffle the cards and put them back in order if you like. Here's the dummy.


Exhibition: Between Word & Image

Exciting news on the exhibition front. Two of my pieces will be included in the upcoming show, PaperWorks: Between Word & Image. The exhibition, organized by PaperWorks, is going to be at the University of Arizona Poetry Center, which has always been one of my favorite spaces on campus.

The space is great, but I'm even more excited about the people. I'm happy to be exhibiting Playing House, which was a collaborative effort between Carley Gomez and I (stay tuned for news about a new printing in the works). In addition, my letterpress printed book Frequency: An Abecedarian will also be in the show, which was juried by Karen Zimmermann, my first letterpress instructor, and Cerese Vaden. I could go on about many of the other artists in the show as well, but I will just say that this is going to be a great-looking show and I am honored to be a part of it.

And now for the nitty-gritty details:
The exhibition runs from June 1 until August 12.
The reception will be the evening of June 4, from 5:00 – 7:00. Karen Zimmermann will give a gallery from 5:00 – 5:30.

Exhibition: Heart & Hands 2015

I am honored to have been included in the 2015 annual Heart & Hands exhibition. The show features artists' books by current students, and this year's selections were chosen by Bonnie O'Connell.

My artists' book, Tasting Notes, was selected and I am glad to see that a print on demand book was considered alongside more traditionally produced pieces. (For those who would like a copy, Tasting Notes is still available on demand or through me as a digital file, printed book, or both.)

Here are the details about the exhibition, which are excerpted from a UNL Library post:

Heart & Hands 2015 - Fifth National Juried Book Art Exhibition for Students will showcase the best examples of the broad range of books being made by graduate and undergraduate students in accredited academic institutions. Books made in book arts, graphic design, photography, print-making, and writing courses will be on display in the cases on the second floor of Love Library (the Link and North) from April 6-May 30, 2015. 

On Friday, May 1, there will be a reception for the First Friday Art Walk of Lincoln from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Also, there will be a book sewing demonstration by staff in the UNL Libraries Preservation unit.

Please consider attending the opening or viewing the exhibition if you are in the Lincoln area.

Thank you to the show's sponsors:
UNL Department of Art and Art History
Nebraska Book Arts Center
UNL Love Libraries 

Re-Exhibition Update: Terms of Service

Exciting news from Grand Valley State University. The current exhibition, Terms of Service, which includes my artists' book, Downloads, will be re-displayed at the end of summer (August 31 to September 18). The work will be up at the Grand Valley Padnos Gallery in Allendale, MI.

In the meantime, the curatorial team was kind enough to send some documentation of the exhibition. It's always nice to see viewers interacting with an artists' book, especially in a show with such compelling media work. 

More Studio Equipment


For better or worse, I've been on a hot streak of equipment acquisitions lately. No doubt, I'm preparing to fill a Center for Book and Paper Arts shaped hole in my heart, which is due to appear upon my graduation in May. So, I was naturally both excited and relieved to find this copy press at a little antique store 3 blocks from my apartment.

The cast iron press is 10.5 x 16 in. with 3 inches of daylight. There is no visible mark to indicate the manufacturer, so if anyone has any information on that, I'd be interested. In the meantime, I'll keep researching.

I began my education earlier with a few articles about the difference between copy presses (like mine) and book presses. Here's a good start, if you're interested.

I'm hoping to try some relief printing as well as use the press for binding, so I'll post any future progress in that direction on this blog.

Exhibition: Food, Glorious Food

When it rains it pours (especially when you update your blog all at once) - I am also showing work in the upcoming exhibition, Food, Glorious Food, at Studio 659.

I will be exhibiting my piece, Disposable. I am really excited to have found a venue that is willing to display my critical work in a group show that spans the good and bad ways in which we relate to food.

The exhibition was open to:

"artwork submissions and project proposals that in some way address food and/or eating. We eat for a variety of reasons: pleasure, hunger, comfort, social ritual. A photograph of a baby eating a lemon, a painting of a family enjoying a feast, a sculpture of a fruit bowl…artists are encouraged to creatively interpret the theme and submit for consideration any work they think might be of interest."

The show will be up from April 3rd to April 26th, with a reception on Friday, April 10th. Studio 659 is in Whiting, IN, just South of Chicago, so check out the show if you're in the area.

I hope whoever buys the napkins will shop-drop them or distribute them somehow to raise awareness, but regardless, I am thrilled just to show the work in another venue. 

Joined PaperWorks

Proud to announce that I joined PaperWorks: The Sonoran Collective for Book and Paper Artists. To my fellow book artists, please check out this great organization, especially if you live in the area and don't already know about them!

While you're online, be sure to check out their current calls for submissions.

"The Sonoran Collective for paper and book artists provides educational and creative opportunities for all who work with and on paper, and promotes the appreciation and enjoyment of the paper and book arts through regular and special events."

2 Books Acquired by Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

I am honored that today two more books of mine have been acquired by the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection. Two copies of Breathe and one copy of Frequency will soon be catalogued and available to the public as part of this wonderful collection.

Every time I visit the collection I am inspired and motivated, and it is incredibly exciting to think that my art, in turn, can now inspire others.